About Us

Company Background

Gateway Technologies is a professional Knowledge Management Leader providing reputable ICT Services in the Sub Saharan Region.  Gateway has a proven record of successful Design and Implementation of Management Information Systems for Government Agencies, Commercial Enterprises and International Agencies. Gateway is the technical support center for the world’s number one electronic records and document management software HP TRIM.

Gateway specializes in best-in-class website design, eCommerce Portals, payment Gateways integration (Paypal, Skrill, google wallet), Flash multimedia, corporate identity print graphics, Logo Design and Creation ,Software Development, Application Programming, ICT Consultancy, Software Installation, Computer Hardware maintenance and configuration, Public Relations, paper based and electronic records management solutions.

Gateway features an integrated team of web consultants, creative designers, writers, Records managers, Computer engineers, IT Technicians, Public relations practitioners, Trainers and programmers who know how to get results.

Our business-driven approach differentiates us from typical ICT & Web design services companies. For the past Nine (9) years we have built up a reputation for creating a positive return on investment for our clients. If you are serious about your ICT success, we can get you there. Strategic thinking, top designers, personal attention, competitive prices, real world results – discover the Gateway difference.

Our solutions drive real business change (e-governance), informed decision making, enhance efficiency and compliance/good governance. In combination with good change management practices and procedures, your organization will realize benefits from improved responsiveness and an ability to more quickly change

Regional infrastructure

Gateway Technologies has implemented projects in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda. The company’s corporate headquarters and research and development facilities are located in Kampala, Uganda. In addition to a direct implementation, we also work with our business partners in the Region

Our Vision

We seek to bring more organizations within the Public, Financial, Commercial, Non-profit, and Government into the new era of better client service, high efficiency, high operational standards and profitability


To provide innovative, practical and top quality services that save time and improve the way organizations achieve growth and success. Gateway is committed to enabling its customers achieve a sustainable and competitive advantage and our overriding goals are to ensure that:

  • resulting systems help achieve business goals
  • systems are more easily changed as business needs change
  • systems are integrated to the maximum extent possible


Our Services

System Analysis & Design

Every business has unique IT requirements and it’s essential that one size-fits-all technology solutions are not forced onto businesses

Gateway realizes this and is your partner in finding a custom IT solution that will suit your company and keep your employees productive and efficient. We carry out comprehensive Systems Analysis before we recommend a technology solution that is in line with our guiding values of “Efficiency, Reliability

may include:

  • Custom database solutions
  • Paypal eCommerce Integration
  • Web delivered applications
  • eCommerce web portal and consultancy
  • Infrastructure design
  •  Intranets
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)


and Simplicity “.

Whether you are starting a new business or are looking for ways of improving the performance of your existing IT investment, we have insightful ways of helping you get the most out of your IT experience. Some of our implementations in this area Information/Data is a very vital business asset and it is essential that every company puts in place measures to protect their data from loss. Now more than ever, business data is at risk of loss from various elements which include:

  • Viruses
  • System / Hardware failures
  • Malicious intrusion

Internal collusion we provide the following services to protect your business data from loss.

  • Anti Virus Software for Mail and File Servers
  • Anti Spam software for mail servers
  • Anti-Virus software for Desktop computers
  • Backup Software and Hardware
  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • Corporate firewalls
  • Implement company-wide security policies
  • Data Recovery in event of loss


IT Technical Support

Technology is a very crucial aspect in any company and plays a very substantial role in supporting the various business processes on a daily basis. We recognize the importance of having reliable IT systems and appreciate the urgency that is required to get systems back online in the minimum of time in case of failure. Our Tech Support department provides a highly reliable on-call service to sort out your IT failures whenever they occur and get your systems back up and running in the shortest time possible.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Windows Domain Controllers (Active Directory)
  • Exchange Mail Servers
  • Windows Clients
  • Linux/Unix Domain controllers (Samba)
  • Linux/Unix Mail Servers (Sendmail, Postfix)
  • File Servers
  • Routers / Firewalls
  • Internet proxy servers
  • Resource planning solutions


Comprehensive Hardware Maintenance

Gateway Technologies is currently providing hardware maintenance for all types of IT Equipment including servers, PC’s, Laptops, Printers, and peripherals. We

Preventive Maintenance

Ensuring the reliability of your IT equipment requires regular scheduled preventive maintenance. Regular cleaning of PC components and inspection of its surrounding may increase the Mean Time between Failures of many components. We provide this type of maintenance either as an ad-hoc or as an

overall maintenance contract.

Data Networks (LANs/ WANs)

A well designed network is an essential back

– bone for your business’ IT infrastructure. Gateway specializes in building and maintaining reliable data networks.

WANS / Wireless Solutions

We design and setup Wide Area Networks to interconnect all your vital data points that your business needs. Whether it’s connecting your various branch offices or connecting two separate office blocks in your premises, our wireless team will have a simple solution for you.


we design, install and configure reliable long term Ethernet LANs using professional cabling standards and quality networking hardware. We test and certify all aspects of our including data transfer speeds, before we hand it over to the client. We also provide secure wireless connectivity (WIFI) for your office users without

exposing your network to external threats.

Email, Web Hosting & Domain Registration

For companies that have not acquired

domain names yet and/or would like to acquire customized corporate email for their employees, Gateway Technologies offers Domain related services at amazing rates which include :-

  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Website Hosting
  • Web design

Our client’s mail and websites are hosted on secure servers in the US which guarantees availability, uptime and security

Electronic Records & Document Management Software (TRIM Context)

This is the world’s only complete Records & Electronic Documents Management software package that is both powerful especially in security aspects and easy to use. Currently it is installed in 65 sites in East and Central Africa

TRIM is an integrated Electronic Document and

Records Management Solution (EDRMS) capable of managing the full range of corporate information. From electronic documents and records, through content management, to the management of ‘hard copy’ records and documents, TRIM provides all the necessary functionality in a single off-the­shelf software application.

E-commerce Solutions

Gateway Technologies offers vast e-commerce solutions, we have developed a web portal “Yahoo! Type product” for the entire east African region called


HelloUganda! Is a world class e-Commerce Internet Portal that is being created for the East African Region, We plan to scale to the rest of the East African Region very soon. Our mantra is “always updated and current”; its powerful search engines serve four major clusters:

  • Flowers and Gifts
  • Tourism & Accommodation
  • Biz Profiles (Business Profiles)
  • Diaspora & Expatriate Communities
  • Autos, Real estate & Jobs



a) facilitates e-commerce within the Region – send flowers and gifts / Airtime online to uganda,

b) has become a vital medium for exports, for both small & large enterprises c) enables the Diaspora to purchase goods and services from the Region for

the benefit of locally based loved ones d) creates a closer Community by offering a space where exchange of news, events, chat rooms, web logs (“blogs”) , free email will occur etc

Document Imaging/Conversion services

Gateway’s Computer Output Laser Disc (C.O.L.D) process provides an efficient way to convert your paper records, to electronic form. This “Document Imaging” involves the process of taking paper documents and turning them into electronic files. Once converted, documents can be viewed on virtually all plat forms and This process includes Delivery/pickup, Document preparation, file stripping and purging, Volume high speed scanning, Indexing and verification, Quality assurance/quality control, Full text OCR, Document re-assembly, Database creation and population, CD mastering, On-site/off site production


Gateway offers training in the following areas;

Training in Operating Systems, Networking and Communication, Hardware Management, Records and Electronic Document Management, Database Management, Imaging and Digitisation Technology, e-Governance and e-Commerce, website deployment and content management, Billing and Financial Systems

Records Management Training;

Gateway offers training in the following areas of records Management, all programs run for a period of 5 days

  • Legal records and governance structures program (electronic & physical)
  • Personnel Records and Governance structures program
  • Hospital Records and governance structures program (electronic & physical)
  • Advanced Electronic Records Management program
  • Electronic Records and Archives Administration program
  • Records Preservation program (electronic & physical)
  •  Driving organizational Change program (electronic & physical)
  • Financial Records and corporate governance program
  • Automating Records Services program
  • Maintenance of Knowledge management systems (electronic systems)
  • Records Management for Personal Assistants program
  • Documentation and Library Management Program


Projects Implemented

  • National Water and Sewerage Corporation – provision of an Electronic Records Management System: Gateway Technologies/Computerland Ltd
  • Ministry Of Lands Housing and Urban Development- Automated the Land Registry (ongoing) : Gateway Technologies/Computerland Ltd – Contact Paul Wabwiiyi – IT Manager
  • Ministry of Justice and constitutional Affairs (Uganda Registration Services Bureau) – Computerisation of the Registry Records: Gateway Technologies/Computerland Ltd – contact Rogers Musisi – IT Manager/TRIM administrator
  • East African Community Secretariat arusha – Automated the registry Records: Gateway Technologies/Computerland Ltd – Contact  Mr Jacob Ikilenya – Senior Systems Analyst
  • United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda – Provision of a records Management system for the Tribunal Court: Gateway Technologies/Computerland Ltd, Contact: Randolph Tebbs, TRIM LAN Administrator
  • Rwanda Supreme Court – Consultancy services for the implementation of an electronic records Management solution. Gateway Technologies/Computerland Ltd, Contact: Gashemeza Fred, IT Manager
  • Kampala City Council – Implementation of a registry management system. Gateway Technologies/Computerland Ltd, Contact: Mr Opio Robert, District registrar of Titles
  • Uganda NGO Forum – website development Development
  • Green Hills Hotels | Katosi | EAC |  Jungle – Website development
  • Victoria Motors – Develoment of an Inventory Manageent system
  •  Among others